Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Way Down in Mexico

I spent last week in Cabo San Lucas. Think sun, sand, excessive amounts of delicious food, afternoon siestas on the beach, and night after night of uninterrupted sleep. It was wonderful. And here, for your viewing pleasure, are some pictures of the hotel and surrounding area. I did not take most of these. They are stolen from the hotel website and Cabo tourist guides. I didn't carry my camera around much, and the pictures I did take weren't that great because it was already dark outside. But this is pretty much what we saw...

This is the hotel. It was really beautiful.

This is the fountain at the center of the breezeway at night. Even as I look at this picture I feel like I need a sweater. The Cabo nights were a little chilly due to the breeze off the ocean. The days were perfect though--sunny and 80 degrees.

I've been to Cabo before, but I was still surprised by the rocky shoreline. It's nothing like the beaches where I've spent most of my summers. I was amazed to see the beach out one window and a huge mountain out the other. The landscape there is just amazing.

This is the Arch of Cabo San Lucas (or El Arco, as it's called there). Last time I was there our boat traveled under the arch. This time the water level looked a little lower (from what I could see). I'm told sometimes the water level is so low you can walk under it on sandy ground. They told me that it looks like a dinosaur taking a drink, and since I heard that it's the only thing I can see when I look at it.

I got a kiss from a dolphin. They said she was an old lady nearing retirement. She's 29. I take offense to the adjective "old" describing a 29-year old, even if it IS a dolphin.

This is not the same dolphin as in the previous picture. The dolphin we swam with (in the previous picture) was too old to hop up on the edge of the water like this. So, her stunt double stepped in. This dolphin was INSANE. He was thrashing around and slinging people all over the place when they were "swimming" with him. It was hilarious, and it made me appreciate my very sweet, very mature dolphin friend.

Okay, so this is the only picture on here that I actually took. Mike and I like to wander around and find little hole-in-the-wall restaurants that would fail health inspections in the States. This year we traveled only a few blocks off of the beaten tourist path, and we were quickly ushered back by a police officer who was just sure we were lost. We did find a great local restaurant that wasn't quite as hole-in-the-wally as we were hoping, but had the most delicious guacamole I've ever put in my mouth. And that made the whole trip worth it. On the way out, I noticed this sign. They have "extra private" parking behind the restaurant. I glanced at the lot and noticed that it was just an open gravel lot behind the restaurant. So, I wonder what makes it "extra" private. I didn't try to find out, but I thought the sign was funny enough to warrant a picture.
Pretty fantastic, huh? I was really thrilled to get home though. I swear we saw a thousand little boys on the way home, and it just seemed like an eternity until I could squeeze mine again. I'm told they did great while we were gone. They hopped from Nana to Oma to Aunt Kristen to Uncle Marc to Aunt Becca to the Krebs to Mamaw. They went to the zoo (and got a new stuffed animal each), McDonald's more times than I care to know, Chuck E. Cheese's TWICE (which, I think, is a bit masochistic on my family's part), and got "treats" from WalMart and just about every other stop they made. So, I guess it shouldn't have come as a surprise that they were a little challenging the day after we returned and tried to get back to normal. They spoil quickly. Of course, I whined all afternoon the first day back about missing my siesta. So, maybe I spoil quickly too.

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