Monday, April 20, 2009

The Baby is on His Way

I had my first prenatal appointment today. The official due date is November 18. I watched him squirm and listened to his heart beat. Those things never lose their magic, no matter how many times I've experienced them.

That's him (or maybe her...) He kind of looks like Mr. Peanut, I think. The big circle on the right is his head, and the little bumps on his body are an arm and a leg. The round dot under his head is the yolk sac. Pretty cool, huh?


Becca73180 said...

I like this picture better than that creepy floating baby on the left side of your blog :)

R and K Marsh said...

Yes, I too am a little freaked out by the floating baby. I prefer Mr. (or Ms.) Peanut. So glad everything's going well!

Katie (Wadhams) Marsh