Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Did Ya Know?

25 Things You Might Not Know about Me

1.I don’t take out the trash. It’s going to get ugly while Mike’s out of town.
2.My toes go numb when I get cold. Sometimes they stick up in the air and I can’t make them lay down again.
3.My tummy is obscenely stretched out after 3 babies, and the skin hangs lower on the left side. I have thought about having a tummy tuck after my next baby.
4.I dance in the kitchen (using my counter as a barre) while I’m cooking supper.
5.I didn’t know I was afraid of mice until Saturday.
6.I did know that I was afraid of heights, germs, spiders, guns, and cancer.
7.I can’t figure out why anyone would move to a place where it snows 6 months out of the year. One day was enough for me.
8.I once came within inches of a 40-foot whale shark while swimming in Utila.
9.I will eat just about anything if it has cheese on it.
10.Except fish. I won’t eat that regardless of what you put on it.
11.I am good at math but terrible at balancing a checkbook.
12.I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.
13.I took Latin for 7 years and don’t remember any of it.
14.I only got in trouble twice in school. Once was in second grade for talking in the bathroom. The other time was when I was in high school. Becca and I got yelled at and separated for laughing when the landscaping teacher was labeling plants and said, “D. Monkey Grass, E. Fern, F. Yew.” (Did you catch it? F. Yew? It was hilarious. He disagreed.)
15.I realized the other day that I know the name of every Handy Manny tool, Bob the Builder truck, and Cars vehicle, but I can’t identify a single Disney princess. I think this officially makes me a boy mom.
16.I check my email about 5 times a day but only check my voicemail about every other day, usually because I can’t find my phone. So, email me, okay?
17.I used to teach at a rehab facility for children with behavioral problems. I had a hard time naming my children because I have negative associations with so many beautiful names.
18.I spend more money on pictures than I do on clothes. This is not an exaggeration.
19.According to statistics, I’ve changed 12,000 diapers.
20.I think this is why I only have time for a haircut about once a year.
21.When I do get a haircut, I always get suckered into buying all the products they use.
22.I can pretty much fix anything with a hot glue gun.
23.I don’t think camping is fun. Call me crazy, but I’d rather stay inside where I have a nice comfy bed and I control the temperature.
24.I don’t like my wrists touched. I can’t explain, really. It makes me aware of my pulse which makes me think of all the blood rushing through my veins which makes me want to pass out.
25.At one time in my life I could only sleep with my feet hanging out of the covers. Now I can only sleep if the blankets are tucked into the bottom of the bed so my feet are covered tightly. I don’t know why the change.


Heather of the EO said...

What a fun list! I actually understand the no wrist touching thing. (and many others from the list) :)

messyfunmommylife said...

What acute way to get to know you!! Thanks for stopping be 5 mins!