Saturday, February 14, 2009

And they lived happily ever after...

Being Valentine's Day, it's only appropriate that I tell you a love story.

February 14, 2001--it was my first Valentine's Day with Mike, and really the first time I'd been excited about the silly Hallmark holiday. (I once spent Valentine's Day eating a Subway sandwich in a closed pool store because my lazy boyfriend didn't want to go out so he thought it would be romantic to take me to his place of work for a club sandwich. So, needless to say, I was a bit bitter about romance in general.) I wore a red sweater and a heart shaped necklace to show the world that I was happy about this day that I usually dreaded. Around mid-day, a dozen beautiful roses were delivered to my work, making my coworkers and all the kids in my class swoon. But that was only the beginning. When I got home I found my entire apartment COVERED in balloons, streamer, and flowers. My sweet boyfriend (who won my heart and later became my husband) had spent the majority of his day (with a lot of help from my best friend, who knew he was good for me) blowing up hundreds of balloons. I wish I had a better picture, but here's me sitting on my bed, which only shows a very small portion of the decoration. (The dog is my late pooch Delia.)

Oh, and then we went to the circus with my best friend and her current boyfriend and then out to eat. The circus was my idea, so don't hold it against him. Anyway, it was perfect and forever changed the way I look at Valentine's Day.
Now are you ready for the love story? Nope, that wasn't it. That was only a warm-up. Today was far more romantic that that.
I have been feeling pretty sick for a few days. This morning I decided I couldn't take it anymore and went to the CVS Minute Clinic (which is, by the way, the greatest invention of my lifetime). I thought I had Strep Throat, but I was wrong. It's just a really nasty sinus infection which has irritated my throat and made me feel like the walking dead. There really wasn't anything the nurse could do for me except suggest that I get plenty of fluids and lots of rest. I think I laughed out loud when she said that. Rest? For a mother of three? Ha.
We came home, and I must have looked pitiful because my husband suggested I go lay down. Then he packed up the boys and took them to Wal-Mart to do the grocery shopping. When I woke up, our pantry was stocked, the baby was up from a nap and wearing a clean diaper, the floors downstairs were swept, and I felt refreshed (even if I didn't feel completely better). For dinner I made cold sandwiches and canned soup, and my husband complimented me on the soup.
That, my friends, is love. A nap in the middle of a busy afternoon. A day off from the duties of shopping, child rearing, and cooking. No guilt for any of it.
Nine Valentine's Days, and he still wins my heart.


The Kornioyenko said...

That is so sweet. you have a great hubby.

Becca73180 said...

9 Valentine's Days! Wow that's a lot :) He's still crazy about you, that's for sure!