Friday, February 27, 2009

My Toddler

Aaron Michael, 1 year ago

My baby Aaron turned one today. One. Whole. Year. He's a toddler. Well, he's still MY baby. And, following in the tradition I started with my other boys, here are the things that I love most about him.
His cheeks are so soft and chubby. I can't walk past him without kissing them.
His hair won't lay down no matter how hard I try. It has a mind of its own--just like Aaron.
He bullies his big brothers.
He throws things from his high chair and laughs. And it's so cute I pick them up every time.
He holds everything to his ear as though it's a phone. He's been known to talk on the cello-case-phone, paper-towel-tube-phone, graham-cracker-phone, and the diaper-cream-phone. He really carries on a conversation too. I wonder what he's talking about?
He explores--but not too far. He always comes back to me.
He gives the best slobbery kisses in the world.
He has had more ear infections than I care to count this winter, but he's still sweet and bubbly.
He squints his eyes and throws his head back and whines when he's mad. And then he stops and opens his eyes to see if you noticed.
He smells so sweet I can't stand it.
He loves his brothers more than anything in the world. Even in the midst of a terrible tantrum, he will stop and smile if he sees one of them approaching him.
He darts his tongue in and out while making silly noises. We call him our lizard.
He laughs at himself.
When he says Mama in his precious baby voice, it makes all the middle of the night feedings, diaper explosions, mealtime messes, grocery store tantrums, stretch marks, and countless trips to the pediatrician all worth it.
He's taught me to slow down, stop trying to make things perfect, and just enjoy the moment.
Just look at him. What's not to love?

Aaron Michael, this afternoon


Kerry said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO AARON! He's so precious! I hope you had a wonderful day and party!!!

Becca73180 said...

aw, he's so cute. I wish we'd been there today. I meant to call and see if he ate his cake, but by the time we got in from everything, it was really late, especially with the time change. I'll hear all about it tomorrow!! :)

Psalm19:14 said...

I wish I had kept a running diary for my girls. Your words will be a treasure for your young men some day!

The Kornioyenko said...

You know Nathaniel did the same thing with the phone. He would use everything as a phone. Paper, shoes, anything. Sorry we had to leave early. Hope he likes his gifts.