Thursday, September 17, 2009

31 Weeks

The belly, 31 weeks

Yes, I'm sure I'm only 31 weeks, but thanks for asking. It gets funnier every time I hear it.
My doctor says that he is measuring large and suspects that he'll come early.
I'm thinking he'll just be another huge Sharp boy, and I'm not expecting to go into labor until the turkey hits the table on Thanksgiving (making him 8 days late). I think I'll still want green bean casserole, even if I'm in labor.
So, tell me, when are you thinking he'll come? Lock in your votes now.


The Kornioyenko said...

First off you look great. I cant believe you are 31 weeks already. I think he will come about 2 weeks early.

Mom of Three said...

I got that too all the time with my little girl. Along with - you sure it's not twins?
I vote day-after-thanksgiving. What a great time to have a birthday! (Have I mentioned I love fall?)

grace4cyn said...

You look wonderful! So what if he is big, I mean for you showing. I pray for your labor, ha! I vote for your due date or early, that way Nolan and Noah will be very close in age... ;-)

When I was not pregnant, people would ask me all the time, "When are you expecting?" Now that I'm pregnant, and showing, I get "Oh, I didn't know you were expecting, how far along are you"? I'm thinking in my head, I just found out and I'm 9 weeks along, HA HA!! Some people!

You asked about homeschooling... Well, I'm going to take off a few weeks, but I plan on going through Nov & Dec. and just taking off the week of Christmas. That way we will not be very behind. But, we don't school everyday. We do 3 days a week, so if we get behind, it's not over whelming. We do schooling on Monday, Wednesday & Friday, but this week, we missed it today, so we will do school tomorrow. I love homeschooling!!!

Nell said...

Your belly is so beautiful and I just love that dress!


Nell said...

Not sure why my blogger signed me under the wrong account! That last comment was from Nell of