Wednesday, June 4, 2008


Ok, so I'm just getting into the swing of blogging, and what happens? Blogger flags my blog as possible SPAM. I don't know what foul thing I did to deserve this, but they unpublished my blog and denied me access to it until it was cleared up. For days every time I tried to log in it just said that my blog was being reviewed for possible terms of service violations pertaining to spam blogs. Then this morning, voila, I'm back on. No apology or anything from Blogger. So, now I'm feeling emotionally damaged. Seriously, what in the world is a spam blog? I say, SPAM on, SPAMMERS! If you want to make a blog with all kinds of links and advertisements, carry on. I won't visit it, but it's really not causing me any problems, so what's the big deal? Meanwhile, I am just trying to carry on a meaningful conversation with myself here and am prevented from doing so because I unknowingly typed a word that set off the Blogger robots' SPAM radar. Grr.

Anyway, here's what I really needed to talk about today... I am tired of bullies. Last night I attended a 3 hour meeting with a bunch of bullies. They didn't even seem to realize how ugly they were being. And, this is the worst part, after is was pointed out to them THEY DIDN'T CARE. My friend got up and left the meeting in tears and not once did anyone think to ask about her, suggest that we check on her, or attempt to apologize to her. Once the leader of the pack said that he realized that this was hurtful but he thought it was best. Wait, I haven't given away the best part yet. This was at church. Come on, people. Have we forgotten what a church is??? The church is the body of Christ working together to glorify God. It is not ever in the church's best interest to hurt another member of the body. Ever. There will be disagreements, sure. As with any family, the family of faith will encounter problems that cannot be resolved. But we approach these problems with love and respect for each other. Period.

Sometimes I watch my older 2 sons try to bully each other. They are about the same size, so neither of them has a real advantage, but that doesn't stop them from saying things like, "You better give it to me or else!" Or else what? I have no idea. The point is, at 2 and 3 they are already trying to push each other around and get their way at the expense of the other's feelings. I won't stand for it. I sit them down and calmly explain that we are a family and that we love each other and always respect each other. Oh, I'm a good mother. But wait, what's this? Twenty minutes later they're dragging all the pillows off my sofa to use as trampolines, and I yell, "You better stop that this instant or else!" Or else what? I have no idea. The point is, now I'm the bully.

So, I guess I do it too. I don't have a lot of wiggle room to judge others. I wish I had the answer, but I don't. I do hate bullies, even when it's me doing the bullying. I have to go now. The big plank in my eye is killing me.

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